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mentorship program

The Elite DanceWerks Mentorship Program was created to push high school dancers towards their goals and aspirations within the field of dance.  Mentees will receive personalized guidance, continued encouragement, and real-world skills and experiences to help them grow in the direction of their dreams. Each mentee is chosen by EDW Owner Cassandra Springs, who uses her own personal life and career experience to serve and inspire the next generation of young dance artists.

edw mentees

 During this mentorship I have learned many things that will benefit my dance career. I built my technique with our personal private sessions, I learned how to make stronger connections with competition companies and other dancers,  and I have grown by learning how to communicate with others professionally and firmly. Working with the Elite DanceWerks mentorship has changed my life and I hope it will change yours! 

Victoria Howard, 2020 EDW Mentee



Must be a high school junior or senior interested in a career in the field of dance



Must be enrolled in a dance training program at school and/or a dance studio



Must submit an  application that includes a resume, headshot, and solo dance video



Must take initiative, be committed to meetings, and act in a professional manner


Application window opens August 17, 2020 and closes August 31, 2020


program requirements

Through this program we strive to provide our mentees with resources and experiences that will move them in the direction of their goals, aspirations, and dreams. 100% of your donation directly assists the educational programming we provide through unique opportunities such as workshops, intensives, and more.  We thank you for your contribution and willingness to invest in the artistic futures of our talented youth. 

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